Dec 5, 2015

A Taste Of Honey - 90 x 90 cms - Acrylics on Canvas  (given as gift)

The size of this painting I thought might be very confronting, however, I really enjoyed facing up to the challenge. 

Oct 31, 2015

Black Magic  - A4 size acrylic on card - freehand lettering with brush and paint

With the current interest and revival of all things hand done, including lettering, I am inspired to create some one off pieces. 

    On music paper - courtesy of Sylvia Raye 

Oct 4, 2015

A Rosey Expression - 50 x60 cms. Oil on Canvas 

There's photorealism, and there is impressionism, also expressionism. So many " isms" !

Aug 24, 2015

The final two paintings in the " Tree Freeze " small art series. The unusual looking Boab, and the wonderful Wattle. 

Jul 13, 2015

Let's Face It -  Acrylics on card with envelope - 12x12 cms. approx. 

With the current hype about the Archibald Prize, and the winner to be announced shortly, I thought I'd paint this small art piece to feel part of it all. LOL 

Jun 8, 2015

Tree Freeze   10 x 20 cms. Acrylics on canvas boards

My small art phase is still in play, and with these little paintings my inspiration was to capture their distinctive and characteristic beauty. Two more to come  For sale 

May 10, 2015

Wild - 20 x 25 cms. Inks on canvas  $ 220.

Regularly seen being maintained at our local dry dock at Woolwich, the yacht "Wild Oats" inspired this little painting completed using a variety of inks. What fun it was seeing the inks working to achieve a wild result. 

Mar 23, 2015

Harry and Jenna - Chalk on paper 30x75cm 

Inspired by our two best friends, these two spontaneously produced chalk sketches from Friday art could end up anywhere and or everywhere !!! ( Thinking printing )

Mar 18, 2015

Cat's Eye View  - Inks on paper 50x65 cm. 

" While the rest of the species is descended from apes, redheads are descended from cats." - Mark Twain 

Feb 20, 2015

Dance Your Heart Out - Acrylics on canvas 40 x 40 cms.

Inspired by the Dirty Dancing Musical recently showing in Sydney, and, by my current tutoring in brush lettering experiences, I have combined the two in this lively image.