Dec 31, 2012

After sorting through my studio, here is a special artwork. This festive, bright original painting is a fun reminder of a wonderful New Year or any other celebration.

Acrylics on Stretched canvas it measures 51cm x 61cm.

See the Etsy store for more details

Dec 19, 2012

I just love the bright colours of some fruit you see in the shops. I couldn't wait to paint these pears and their great lime green tones. Measuring 14"x10" each, these acrylic paintings are on canvas boards and are for sale.  

Nov 30, 2012

Blue Blooms

Hydrangeas were my Mother's favourite flower, and blue her favourite colour. This pretty little still life arrangement with the variation of blues and simple composition, has just been completed for a friend who is planning to make my art available through her retail outlet next year. In acrylics on canvas board it measures approximately 20x30 cm. and could be good as a Christmas gift from you.

Nov 23, 2012

Teachers Choice

When in Rome 

Tanilba Bay 

The End of Year Student Exhibition Opening last night was a huge success, with many students, student's families, friends, supporters and teachers attending. It was also a sad occasion for me in one respect as my art school days are now over at Meadowbank. I have met so many talented and interesting people. The art school atmosphere I will surely miss.
The above drawing and painting were both selected by the teachers for the exhibition currently on.
What to do with the huge body of work produced over the last 3 years, now crammed into the studio/garage space !!

Nov 18, 2012

Our End of Year Student Exhibition is on!! Come along and see some of the student's best works created this year. Drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking and digital imaging will all be featured at the Sydney Gallery School Meadowbank. With all the dramas over the funding cuts to the Fine Arts Course, this maybe the last opportunity to experience an exhibition quite like this one.

Nov 3, 2012

Nicholson Museum Sydney Uni

This work is the result of a class trip to the Sydney University to be inspired and produce drawings for our final self directed drawing projects. There was plenty of interesting subject matter found in the Nicholson museum. 
 I made two drawings, the first one is of a Roman soldier's armour, and drawn with graphite onto a large sheet of tracing paper. The other piece, I decided to do different views of an ancient stone head carving. I have used ink and coloured pencils on a variety of sand papers. 
Our drawing assessment is on Thursday. 

Oct 26, 2012

Tanilba Bay

It was only fitting to paint this lovely quiet waterfront reserve location for my final self directed painting project. Located in Port Stephens it has been our weekender for close on 25 years giving family and friends many memories of fun and happy times spent there.
With heartfelt passion, one brush size only and acrylic paint on a canvas 900 x 900 mm. here is my "Tanilba Bay".

Oct 10, 2012

Painting a Self Portrait

This self portrait is one of the final projects in my painting class for the Fine Arts Diploma course.

In the style of Xenia Hausner 

I chose to include the "other " Barbra because simply, I am one of her biggest fans.
I found this project particularly challenging, however, an exercise in self discovery could well be worth it. 

Sep 9, 2012


Gina's delicate and fine frame dictated the medium I chose to use in this life drawing class last week. Coloured pencils and a dark toned canson paper helped me to focus on the light in this subtly lit pose.

Aug 30, 2012

Life Drawing

Drawing, requires self-motivation and discipline. At art school we have been challenged to find our own artistic vision and apply it to our art. We experiment with a variety of techniques and explore both traditional and nontraditional subjects. 
Our wonderful shapely model stood knitting, an unusual pose, however, it worked for us. I chose charcoal as my preferred medium on a lovely rough textured paper. This large-scale life drawing measures 1.5 mtrs. high x 1 mtr. wide.

Aug 16, 2012

Encounter - A response to another artwork

Keeping the same format and proportions to Botticelli's The Birth of Venus, my formal response to this brief was timely and topical. Using acrylic paints and in 4 weeks my intention was to reference the Marc Chagall abstract post-impressionist style with whimsical and childlike undertones. Calling this one Magnetic Central. SOLD

Aug 5, 2012

My Mural in Dural

My Friend Karen does wonderful sewing, so we decided on a contra deal. Karen did lots of sewing for me, and I painted the inside walls of her garden loo. Here it is completed with all her favourite flowers. There are also fairies flying above and clouds in the sky. Thanks KL for all the great gear I can wear. Love a contra deal !

Jul 24, 2012

Pope Joan

This art school postmodern painting project evolved into a passionate and powerful exercise for me. Using 2 canvases approx. 500x600mm, and with acrylic paints, I set out to create an image that would highlight an event in religious history. With this artwork, the brief was to combine various images, juxtaposing, layering and superimposing over each other, using fabric, text and advertising images to explore the possibility of a narrative. My source materials are from Diego Velázquez's painting of Pope Innocence X and Joan of Arc. I believe this story to be true.... do you?

Jul 15, 2012

R.I.P. Charlie

This oil painting of Charlie the border collie I completed some time ago when Charlie was very much alive but in his senior years. Charlie was 16 years old when he left this world recently, and his owners think this painting that has been proudly hanging in their dining room means more to them now than ever before. Family pets are so special and Charlie was one of my favourites in our local doggie community.

Jul 6, 2012

Holiday sketching

Kurt William Dal Santo is my great nephew, and at 18 months old he is very cute. Here is a quick pencil sketch of him I did when we made a recent family visit to Port Macquarie and Coffs Harbour during art school holidays.

Jun 21, 2012

On The Street Where I Live

What I love about this final year of the fine arts course is the opportunity we are given to do our own thing. This drawing project inspired by the varied architecture of the houses in our street provided the challenge I needed to give each home its individuality. Joined together, these 16 x A5 size pen and ink sketches on watercolour paper create a row of images that reflect the character of our immediate neighbourhood. Also, check out my teacher Margaret Ackland's beautiful drawings on my friend Leigh's blog at...

Jun 10, 2012

Seeing double...tripple..or...

This unusual drawing project came together over three weeks. It was a little weird when trying to find the negative and positive spaces to highlight. Another abbreviated way to create an image and practice artistic observation.

Jun 9, 2012

An exhibition of work by second year painting students has opened at Sydney Gallery School.
The exhibition on until June 22, Tuesday - Fridays 11am - 4 pm. See Street Gallery, Meadowbank TAFE.
 Check out the great work from some emerging artists. We always have fun on opening nights!

May 25, 2012

Abstract in configuration project

Abstraction indicates a departure from reality in depiction of imagery in art.
This arrangement of the previous 6 drawings was carefully considered before piecing together 12 pieces to form a large scale work measuring approximately 2 metres x 1 metre. More coloured pencil drawing over the joins connect these Westie dogs to the old suitcases. Maybe the title of this artwork should be "Going Somewhere ?"

May 7, 2012

Drawing - straight from the heart

After rescuing two 7 year old West Highland Terriers, made redundant from a puppy farm recently, I was inspired to include them in a current art school drawing project. Harry, Jenna and the old suitcases have been drawn with coloured pencils on a finely textured paper. In our next class these 6 drawings ( the brief being 3 from the natural world & 3 from the man made world ) will merge together to make one drawing. I'm hoping to create an image with multiple messages for a viewer.

Apr 24, 2012

Assemblage - Urban Environment

Part 1 of this painting project was to explore the theme of " The Urban Environment " incorporating found man-made textural surfaces. My assemblage took on a nautical look with my objects and design. 
Part 2, a painting of a cropped section of the assemblage recreating the surface of the assemblage with paint only.  
This 25 x 25 cm acrylic on canvas is another way to create an abstract painting with no obvious subject matter. 
Can you see " Nautical History " Here?

Apr 5, 2012

Royal Easter Show NSW

This little oil painting has been selected and hung at the 2012 Royal Arts and Craft Show.  At the Art Preview Night on Tuesday it was very exciting to see it hanging along with some wonderful works of art. If you are going to the show this year be sure to check out all the fantastic hand produced items on show. Oh those cakes ....HAPPY EASTER !

Mar 24, 2012

Life Drawing

I love this technique of using graphite to draw with, then, with gesso painting over the top to create this soft blurred image. Our model varied her poses every 30 mins or so and the class was instructed to continue drawing after allowing a thin coat of diluted white gesso to dry after each drawing. The 4th and last drawing here brings our model Gina to the foreground. 

Mar 13, 2012

Abstract painting based on "the grid".

After painting 12 small panels, experimenting with various mediums and painting implements, this larger piece is the result of our 3 week class project. A pattern on a favourite skirt of mine inspired this grid design, I then developed it further considering colour, light, space and composition.  Should this be titled Intrinsicality ?

Feb 27, 2012

Stripes and more stripes!

With a limited palette of black, white, red and yellow, stripes and more stripes is what I selected to make up my contrasting composition for this acrylic painting. This year with my chosen medium being  predominantly acrylic paints, I hope to explore and experiment while producing some self initiated projects that might catch someone's eye.
 You can't miss this one !  

Feb 9, 2012

Drawing Objects

On our first day drawing back at art school today, this old bucket, a white box, some drapery and a power board made up part of a still life arrangement. Here the many tonal contrasts shed light on some interesting studio objects. 

Jan 27, 2012

Holiday sketching

Pen and wash sketches are a quick way to visually record special memories while away on holidays. The first image, is lovely Kiama on the coast south of Sydney on market day, and then, the little fishing village of Greenwell Point provided many delightful drawing opportunities. Observing, interpreting and executing, good practice during art school holidays.

Jan 2, 2012

First Painting, First Day, New Year

After a cracker of a New Year's Eve party in Macquarie Street Sydney, the stunning vistas of the harbour and a private tour to see some very famous artworks, I couldn't wait to get painting. This little 8 x 10 " oil painting of a boat shed in Hunters Hill was completed yesterday and kicks off another exciting year of art for me. Happy New Year !