Nov 30, 2012

Blue Blooms

Hydrangeas were my Mother's favourite flower, and blue her favourite colour. This pretty little still life arrangement with the variation of blues and simple composition, has just been completed for a friend who is planning to make my art available through her retail outlet next year. In acrylics on canvas board it measures approximately 20x30 cm. and could be good as a Christmas gift from you.

Nov 23, 2012

Teachers Choice

When in Rome 

Tanilba Bay 

The End of Year Student Exhibition Opening last night was a huge success, with many students, student's families, friends, supporters and teachers attending. It was also a sad occasion for me in one respect as my art school days are now over at Meadowbank. I have met so many talented and interesting people. The art school atmosphere I will surely miss.
The above drawing and painting were both selected by the teachers for the exhibition currently on.
What to do with the huge body of work produced over the last 3 years, now crammed into the studio/garage space !!

Nov 18, 2012

Our End of Year Student Exhibition is on!! Come along and see some of the student's best works created this year. Drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking and digital imaging will all be featured at the Sydney Gallery School Meadowbank. With all the dramas over the funding cuts to the Fine Arts Course, this maybe the last opportunity to experience an exhibition quite like this one.

Nov 3, 2012

Nicholson Museum Sydney Uni

This work is the result of a class trip to the Sydney University to be inspired and produce drawings for our final self directed drawing projects. There was plenty of interesting subject matter found in the Nicholson museum. 
 I made two drawings, the first one is of a Roman soldier's armour, and drawn with graphite onto a large sheet of tracing paper. The other piece, I decided to do different views of an ancient stone head carving. I have used ink and coloured pencils on a variety of sand papers. 
Our drawing assessment is on Thursday.