Aug 30, 2012

Life Drawing

Drawing, requires self-motivation and discipline. At art school we have been challenged to find our own artistic vision and apply it to our art. We experiment with a variety of techniques and explore both traditional and nontraditional subjects. 
Our wonderful shapely model stood knitting, an unusual pose, however, it worked for us. I chose charcoal as my preferred medium on a lovely rough textured paper. This large-scale life drawing measures 1.5 mtrs. high x 1 mtr. wide.

Aug 16, 2012

Encounter - A response to another artwork

Keeping the same format and proportions to Botticelli's The Birth of Venus, my formal response to this brief was timely and topical. Using acrylic paints and in 4 weeks my intention was to reference the Marc Chagall abstract post-impressionist style with whimsical and childlike undertones. Calling this one Magnetic Central. SOLD

Aug 5, 2012

My Mural in Dural

My Friend Karen does wonderful sewing, so we decided on a contra deal. Karen did lots of sewing for me, and I painted the inside walls of her garden loo. Here it is completed with all her favourite flowers. There are also fairies flying above and clouds in the sky. Thanks KL for all the great gear I can wear. Love a contra deal !