Sep 10, 2018

A Happy Bunch - 30x20cms. Acrylic on canvas 

Roses can say so much. I bought this little bunch of happiness for the dinner table of my dear host Angela in Hamburg where I was visiting and staying recently. While there, I was inspired to paint, to try and capture their stunning colour combination. 
One travel memory I won't forget.  (NFS-Gifted)

Jul 21, 2018

How gorgeous is our model we all enjoyed sketching last week at Gallery 57!!!

After sketching Benedicte in pencil a few times, I was so excited to use my pastels on yellow textured paper. 

Wow, that hair was wild, fabulous !!

Jun 23, 2018

Cronulla Walks - 30x40 cm. Acrylics and oil on canvas board. NFS

The gift of a painting can immortalise memories and remind you daily of the good times. How special it was for me to paint this for a friend, who's walks on the beach with her besties, can now be a happy reminder every time she views it. 

Jun 18, 2018

Shy Run - 20x30 cm. Acrylics on canvas

Inspired by our beautiful local water ways and the colour and movement of sailing boats often seen, this little painting I completed at our monthly Saturday art day last week. Might be appropriate to enter in the Drummoyne Art society's members exhibition in September.

May 14, 2018

Between The Lines - Acrylics on canvas 30x40cms

Two of my 12 panel art school grid project from 2012 have been reworked to include my love of brush lettering. Abstract art could take on a whole new meaning when including beautiful letter shapes. For sale individually or as one 12 panel piece.(10 are corded to hang landscape or portrait.)

Apr 8, 2018

David - Pastel on paper

In August 2011 I posted on this blog about drawing David at art school.
Here he is still modelling, this time for our portrait group at DAS Studio 57 Concord.
One of the best and truely professional, thanks again David. 

Feb 9, 2018

 Kiera-Lee Look At Me  Image 1 - Pastels Image - 2 Pencil and coffee.

Our gorgeous model at Gallery 57 artspace DAS portrait group, is always fun to draw. 
Portraiture my latest artistic practice, is for me, an exploration in the various mediums you can use to create " The Look ".