May 25, 2011


This ghost gums and grass trees composition titled " Uphold ",  relates strongly to standing tall while growing through life with its challenges. Preserving and respecting the many natural wonders of life in all its formations and cultures . Trees and life are to be respected and my aim was to show through my painting representation of beauty, nature and stature.

The painting 800 x1000 mm in mixed media was completed some years ago and is about to be submitted for selection in an exhibition themed " Tree of Life" at the RNS hospital in Sydney. Fingers crossed they select it !

May 1, 2011

Devils Marbles Abstract

 This abstract version of " Devils Marbles " grouped together measures approximately half a metre in width. It was created by cutting and carving with a variety of machinery and tools I had fun using in a well set up sculpture studio at art school. Pieces of pine wood were laminated together to form a block, that is how this piece started out. Consisting of one large, three smaller, and two even smaller pieces they were joined together by dowel. Oh how I now dream of a large studio space in the back yard with all those wonderful power tools! Pure linseed oil coats this sculpture " Devils Marbles 2 ".