Jul 14, 2023


 Drinks And Pizza     50x40 cms Acrylics on canvas board 

This wordy artwork was inspired by the fabulous signs that were once seen on and in milk bars.

Zooming in on a page of signs in a book titled The Milk Bars Book with my phone camera, I found an interesting area to paint creating an arty edge for my composition. Love paying artistic homage to the retro lettering of yesteryear. $450 Unframed

Apr 11, 2023

 Blue By Me -
750x750mm Acrylics on Canvas 

Starting off with random letters as an underpainting, this researched painting process changed along the way. Finding spaces to create shapes and with a restricted palette I was adding brush strokes with excitement and spontaneity. Abstract art is a genre I have never explored until now. The ambiguity and lack of objective representation is what I am loving.

Jan 24, 2023

 "Threesome"  22x30cms Acrylics and oils on canvas board

One of my dear friends when she turned 30 received 30 vanilla slices as a gift, that's what I call a sensational gift. Being a fav of mine I love painting these yummy treats. 

How happy was I when I found an image to reference that had them stacked up. Just had to capture that for ongoing viewing pleasure 😂 For sale $330 unframed

Oct 23, 2022

Cream Of Clivia - Acrylics and oil on canvas - 12 x10“

I just love September when the Clivias are in bloom. Bursting into colour everywhere in my garden brightening up my days and reminding me of my late hubby Paul and his passion for gardening. How excited I was to receive a cream Clivia that sits in a pot elevated to showcase the paler contrast of creamy white above the mass of orange colour in the garden below. I felt compelled to immortalise it’s beauty in paint.  

Oct 22, 2022

Wild, Shy Run #2 - Mixed media on canvas - 12 x 10"

Launched in 2005, Wild Oats XI is owned by the Oatley family and skippered by Mark Richards. Wild Oats XI is a maxi yacht, most famous for being the former race record holder and a nine-times line honours winner of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race.

I painted this image referencing a photo of the boat’s racing action on Sydney Harbour.   

 Première école - ( First School ) 40x50cms. Acrylics and oil on stretched canvas 

I was inspired to paint the Hunters Hill Primary School from a photo I took while pre poling opposite the school during our local council elections. The cute heritage building caught my eye and I decided to offer it for auction at a Hunters Hill Rotary fundraiser event after recently completing the artwork. SOLD $400 Thank you to Alison Voulgaris who was the winning bidder.

Aug 17, 2022

Viva la Pink

Viva La Pink - 40x40cms Acrylics on stretched canvas

Pink is the colour most often associated with charm, politeness, sensitivity, tenderness, sweetness, childhood, femininity, and romance, much needed in today's society. $600