Nov 17, 2021

 Sunset In Millthorpe From Tonic - Acrylic and oil on canvas 9x4" 

On a Hunters Hill Rotary road trip earlier this year, we ended up in Millthorpe, a beautiful little town out side Orange and 236 km west of Sydney. The sunset on our final night was spectacular from the famous Tonic restaurant.

It was a lovely feeling and a lovely memory of that gorgeous sunset during the painting of this miniature artwork. Gifted

Jul 24, 2021

Lights And Lycra   -  Acrylics and oils on canvas board 20x25 cms.

The Best Vanilla Slice In Melbourne - Acrylics and oils on canvas board 20x25 cms.

Not Just Any Port - Acrylics and oils on canvas board 20x25 cms.

These 3 paintings are ready for the Lane Cove Charity Art Show coming up. All paintings submitted are the same size and will be priced at $100 each. All money raised will be donated to the Lane Cove Women's Shelter. The boards were supplied by the Lane Cove Art Society, and these are my submissions. Can you spot any lettering? ALL SOLD


Apr 8, 2021

Dancing Queen - 50x70 cms. - Mixed Media on stretched canvas 

Inspired by last year’s national lockdown, This painting captures shared feelings of wanting to burst out of our containments. The warmth of the solo dancer’s spanish skirt bursts forth from the dark frame tightly holding her space. I love dancing, and during those many weeks, it was the one regular activity I missed the most. Like many people living alone, I let loose in my living room, while I yearned to be reunited with friends and family, and allowed to dance on the dance floor, once again.

Working from my home studio, Love Wants to Dance has been painted with acrylics and water-based oils, and like most of my pieces, it features lettering hidden within the image. 
$400 Framed

Feb 11, 2021

 Max - 40x30 cms Acrylics on stretched canvas 

Meet Max, he's cute as, and is owned by a Probus friend in our neighbourhood. I just love painting animals especially dogs. This "in your face" painting was hard to part with after days of really getting to know him during the painting process. Peter the owner is one very happy recipient.

Jan 21, 2021

 Trompe-I'oeil artwork - Acrylics on recycled cardboard 

Wasn't happy looking at a big black area when the TV was not on, so created my own screen saver for my not so totally smart TV.  Yay Temple and Webster for the image Inso.

 The Year That Was - 90x60 cms. Acrylics on foam board.

During the tough year of 2020, this piece of brush lettering artwork evolved during lockdown when all the words swirling around my head needed to be out there. Unframed $450.

Oct 12, 2020

Wren - Acrylcs on canvas - 30x30 cms. 
The third of a series, this painting was inspired by the clever photography on @brabournefarm in the Southern highlands of NSW. Can you spot some lettering?
For sale $350